Grand Frank meet hundreds of fans inside one of Stockholms best hotel lobbies...

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This weekend saw yet another hit retail pop up event inside the impeccably decorated Haymarket by Scandic. Organised by Fashoom we arranged for the event to be broadcast on Facebook Live with the hotel which encouraged even more people to visit the lobby to collect a special 20% offer with the Grand Frank the mens online fashion and watch brand. One guest saw the Facebook Live offer and came down from the room to pick up a watch before dinner. "This is the future of hotel retail" explains Daniel, MD of HotelEtail.  

"Grand Frank is the perfect retail partnership for Haymarket with its 500,000 Instagram followers and stunning shirts and watches" explains Nathan O'Neill, Fashoom eCommerce Manager. "We put this event together in conjunction with the wider HotelEtail service at Haymarket to bring a fashion audience into the hotel and to help Grand Frank find new high quality customers".  

View the 4 minute LIVE broadcast below:

How Experiential Marketing and Influencer Budgets are Growing in 2018

Marketers are always looking to reach consumers in new and exciting ways. At the same time, consumers are less interested in advertising and being sold to constantly. Today, we’re going to shine some light on why you should be focusing your budget on the effectiveness of experiential marketing (XM) and influencers in 2018.

"People do not want to connect with brands, they want more opportunities to connect with each other in meaningful experiences" 
~ Kevin Kukk, President OVX Events

The average person will now see more than 5000 advertisements in a single day; overwhelming to say the least. In a technology raised generation, social demands force our personal computing devices to become a new dimension to our mental makeup and body. 26% of all mobile users now use ad blocking proxy’s. Thankfully for marketers, we love to engage consumers through unique and memorable events, creating value for both the brand and the consumer.

Experiential Marketing 

Not only have experiential marketing campaigns proven to be one of the most effective ways of reaching people these days, they’re perhaps the most fun projects to work on. While experiential campaigns are nothing new, brands like Red Bull, GoPro and Nike are leading the way. Marketing teams are now following this lead, looking to forge more authentic relationships with their consumers. XM campaigns have now become a must in the marketing budgets of the top brands.

A well-executed experiential marketing campaign, united with cutting edge technology such as augmented reality integration is a powerful strategy in creating a positive, lasting impression of your brand in the mind of the consumer. Isn't that exactly what we’re all hoping to achieve as marketers in building brand loyalty?

For example, take a look at Nike Soccer’s Strike Night campaign, which invited the best strikers from all over Europe to compete against each other on the most intelligent soccer goal ever made. While only 400 people were able to experience this installation in person, the campaign was a massive success across Facebook Live and various other platforms. In total, Nike Strike Night generated over 700 million impressions.

Successful activations feature a convergence of different platforms, which allows brands to meet consumers on the consumer’s terms, face to face.

Spending on sponsorship activations grew to an estimated $595 billion last year, and forecasting suggests that number could rise further in the coming years. If brand activation continues to be a relatively cost-effective way to create genuine relationships with consumers, it’s easy to see why digital marketing budgets are on the decline with regards to brand activation.

Influencer Marketing

Another major budget expense shared by some of the most successful companies in the world is influencer marketing. A key component in distributing shareable content. Today, consumers spend more time than ever interacting with different content. Meanwhile, they're more distrustful of traditional advertising. 85% of all digital ad campaigns fail to produce positive returns. Enter influencer marketing with 29% instant brand amplification while being associated with a trusted mark. (Source Sri)

With influencer marketing, brands can now reach consumers through sources which the consumer genuinely trusts. Initially, the most popular influence marketers were the celebrities with the largest following. While there will always be room for social media stars, not all budgets allow for costly ambassadors. In 2017, influencer marketing saw the meteoric growth of a new type of influencer: the micro influencer. But this is a topic for another day.

In 2018, you can expect budget allocations for influencers, in general, to continue to grow. Especially considering how effective marketers believe influencer campaigns have been for their companies. Source

If you’re still hammering down the financials for 2018, this marketing budget calculator can be a helpful tool!

Last year, influencer marketing spend reached an eye-opening $570 million. Meanwhile the vast majority of this spending represents spending from B2C companies. Now that B2B’s are hopping on the influencer train, it stands to reason that spending on influencer marketing will balloon further this coming year.

Experiential marketing, combined with influential ambassadors allows a brand to hit people at their core, leaving last impressions while creating emotional charges of all senses. Don’t get left behind. Explore, express and embody the lifestyle you love! Get started with your own experiential campaigns and wield this effective approach in 2018.

Article by

Kevin Kukk


Meet your target customers directly and build your brand

In the current market, many retailers and designers are born online. This is where they form their brand, market to customers, and watch their sales take off. But as an online-first retailer, what can you do to get offline to meet your fans and engage with potential new customers?

Malin Andren founded her jewellery brand, Star of Sweden, in 2016. With gorgeous jewellery at an attractive price, Star of Sweden was looking to increase the number of sales points and interact with the right consumer. In Spring of 2017, Star of Sweden partnered with Fashoom, since hotel guests in the most elegant and fun places in Stockholm were the ideal customers for the brand. The signature pieces from the ‘Carry Yourself’ collection were spread across some of the top hotels in Stockholm.



Recently, Fashoom organised a Pop-Up shop for Star of Sweden at the gorgeous Haymarket hotel, giving Malin the opportunity to meet fans of the brand and connect with other potential customers. Hundreds of customers came to see the jewellery and Star of Sweden sold around 100 pieces in just a few hours.

My experience with Fashoom has been excellent and the team always go above and beyond my expectations. I’m very pleased with the collaboration and I’m looking forward to many more exciting events and collaborations in the future.
— Malin Andren, Founder Star of Sweden

The road from being an online retailer to building a meaningful relationship with your fans and potential customers doesn't have to be a difficult one. Hotels provide the perfect environment for retailers to meet their ideal customers and generate sales.

Do you want to showcase your products in a hotel or organize a pop-up in one of the best locations in Stockholm? Reach out to us and find out more about how we can match your brand with the best hotels in town.

Your Retail Influencer strategy needs an update? And your favorite hotel could be the answer...


Influencer marketing, like all digital channels, has evolved fast into a $1 billion per year industry, according to CNBC. Since the launch of Instagram in 2010, social influencers have been helping to bring eyeballs to brands and retailers at incredible scale and with their own personal touch. But are we seeing saturation in Influencer Marketing? And what should retailers do to adapt in the ever changing digital jungle?   

Gary Vaynerchuck, social marketing expert, CEO and co-founder of VaynerMedia, says: “As your business goals evolve, the type of influencer you are working with might shift too”. Vaynerchuck also proclaims that Influencer Marketing is one of the best marketing channels available to business today, and that it’s still early.

Recognising this shift we launched Fashoom by HotelEtail in 2016 when we recognised that Influencer Marketing would soon evolve beyond someone posting shameless recommendations for a new watch or beauty products (if you check out the first television commercials, they were also basic and downright cheesy). Working closely with our hotel partners we saw the opportunity to turn exciting hotels into marketing Influencers for retailers. We bring them new customers in the form of guests enjoying their favourite hotel experiences and loyal fans watching every move the hotel makes on social media. More.....

Read the full article here..

Holidays are just around the corner - how to maximise brand exposure and increase sales during winter

Pop-Ups are constantly growing in popularity as customers value the excitement of a limited time experience that has a very personal touch about it. It is also the perfect opportunity for online retailers to bring forward their products for customers to experience first hand. Pop-Ups can be the most effective way to promote new products, test out and engage with your target audience and, most importantly, build brand awareness, all while keeping costs low. In fact, done correctly a pop-up should be a net cash positive marketing event.

Location, location, location

When it comes to Pop-Ups, the most important thing is location, location, location - followed by social marketing and an attractive offer.

Location is arguably the most significant factor to consider when doing a pop-up for your brand. With very little time in the spotlight, pop-ups must be located in an area that will attract the right attention from targeted shoppers. One of the optimal locations in Stockholm at the moment are the city’s most attractive hotels. Hotels are no longer just places where tourist stay for the weekend. With highly developed concepts behind them, top rate cocktail bars and luxurious restaurants, hotels are popular hangouts. Thousands of customers pop in and out of hotel lobbies daily giving retailers the optimal location to interact with potential customers - not only local, but international as well.

T’is the season

Sweden’s retail and design businesses are booming, and not only from national  revenue. International shoppers of Swedish products are at an all time high, as a studyfrom 2016 suggests:

A new record was set in 2014 when 57 million commercial overnights were registered, with the largest increase originating from non-European countries like China, Japan and Russia. The capital Stockholm attracted most visitors with 12 million overnight stays. The fact that tourism is the fastest growing industry in Sweden has had a significant impact on retail and shopping culture. Revenues from international visitors have more than doubled in the last five-year period, and visitor volumes have increased faster than the European average. This trend can be observed in the capital city, where luxury brands compete for the affluent traveller’s attention on Stockholm’s high streets. Shopping was the largest single expenditure for international visitors in 2014 – SEK 44 billion.

The holiday season, when shoppers are out in full force and consumer spending peaks, is the optimal time to try a pop-up shop. That is why Fashoom is already starting to plan for the holiday season, booking dates for retailers inside the most exciting hotels in Stockholm.

What makes a successful hotel pop-up?

Retailers’ instincts would be to say that sales measure the success of a Pop-Up, when actually, the best metric that truly gauges the success of a pop-up shop is the number of people that personally engage with your team and products, according to Baras of PopUp Republic.  

Store visits outweigh overall revenue and sales. More important than revenue from a Pop-Up is the amount of customers walking through the location and seeing your shop, being exposed to your products and your brand. This is arguably just as valuable as making a sale because brands have the potential of transforming these visitors into future customers or loyal social followers.

Even if there are still a few months until the winter holidays, a good strategy is to not waste any time and plan ahead on how to attract customers with exciting events and offers during the holidays. Fashoom has already opened the booking calendar for Pop-Ups in Stockholm’s most exciting hotels. If you want to book your Christmas Pop-Up, contact us now:

How to make hotel customers happy

When it comes to customer service and product promotions, together with our brands, we come up with the most fun initiatives. Here is one way to give hotel customers the best possible experience while visiting Stockholm.

mockberg promo.jpg

In collaboration with Fashoom and Haymarket, the famous Stockholm watch retailer, Mockberg, has brought forward an exciting initiative to boost sales and increase brand awareness among hotel guests visiting the city. Each room in the luxurious Haymarket will have a gift card for it's guests with 500 KR that they can redeem when purchasing a Mockberg watch on the Haymarket web shop.

Each purchased watch will be delivered to the customer's room or to their home address, free of charge. 

Giving customers a palpable offer, consisting in money back at the moment of purchase, makes the promotion more palpable and gives the hotel guests a feeling of having some money in their hands to spend on a gorgeous luxury watch. 

Retailers move into the hotel market

As tourism retail takes Stockholm by storm, designers are moving into the city's most exciting hotels in order to reach out to their target audience. Three new retailers have joined Fashoom this month in order to grow their brand and market to hotel guests. Let's get to know them a bit:

Nick Cabana

Designed by Niclas Lij, these watches have a very personal story, going back to a beach in France where Niclas drew inspiration to design a simple watch, with intricate details that tells a story about whoever wears it. Nick Cabana makes unique watches that stand out and catches the eye, while maintaining a minimalistic and clean look. The Italian leather strap has a personality of its own that transform while you wear it. 


Inspired by... you've guest it, Urban life and the colours of the street windows and shops, Urbanista has designed top quality headphones and speakers who deliver not only an amazing sound but also the designer's love for the world's most beautiful cities. Born in 2010 in Stockholm, out of a passion for colour, form and mobile lifestyle, the Urbanista designs are rooted in Scandinavian tradition. Urbanista is one of the fastest growing headphone and speaker retailer in Sweden, and now they have joined Fashoom in our mission to bring the best possible products to hotel guests.

iDeal of Sweden

The iDeal Concept comes from a perfectly functioning ecosystem that combines fashion and trend with function. These gorgeous and whimsical designs of mix and match phone and wallet cases are meant to facilitate and simplify everyday life. iDeal of Sweden paired up with Fashoom for the opening of the brand new hotel Downtown Camper, blending in perfectly with the outdoorsy and nature inspired ambiance. 



A Tour of Swedish Sunglasses

Our tour of designers ends this week, but don’t worry! We will continue our mission of connecting you with the best designers and brands, and we will have more to share soon. Our final installment is centered around sunglasses.

Featuring wood grain patterns and eccentric frames, Hyde’s Spectacles boasts avant garde sunglasses that are sure to make a statement and start some conversations.

While CHPO sunglasses are generally more feminine in design, they are hip and absolutely stylish. And, with some of the lowest prices, you can’t go wrong with a pair of CHPO sunglasses.

With styles as interesting as the cities they are named after, Nividas certainly has a frame for everyone. From Stockholm to Athens, these frames are as unique as their namesakes, and come in a variety of color options.

MVMT, although an American company, has connections across the globe. Offering both unconventional and classic designs, MVMT surely has a shades that fit you and your budget.

A truly unique product, Sideroot brand sunglasses are made with hardwood frames. An environmentally conscious company, Sideroot plants 10 trees for every pair of sunglasses sold. A purchase of these sunglasses is not only an investment in style, it is an investment in the future.

Although summer maybe ending, stylish living knows no seasons. Let us know what fall fashions you are looking forward to by tagging us @fashoom on instagram and facebook.

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A Tour of Scandinavian Speakers

Being the birthplace of Spotify, and a leading producer of music worldwide, this week, we decided to take a look at some of Sweden’s very own headphone and speaker brands.

Urbanista, while offering some of the lowest prices on the market, also provide the widest variety of products.

Coloud’s Bang portable speakers are inexpensive and come in three fun colors, making them perfect for partying on the go. However, when one speaker just isn’t enough, these tiny Bangs can also be connected together to create a multi-speaker sound system.

For the largest selection of headphone colors and patterns, check out Happy Plugs, whose affordable products are sure to come in your favorite color. Headphones easily become a fashion accessory when color coordinated with your outfit of the day.

Those looking for a retro aesthetic may want to check out Sudio’s wireless over-ear headphones. While the design is minimalist and modern, they are reminiscent of classic 70’s headwear. And, with interchangeable caps, you are free to customize as you see fit.

With their iconic 18k gold centerpiece, YNOIR headphones combine fashion and technology to give listeners a rich and stylish audio experience. In addition to the gold plating, YNOIR headphones also feature a beryllium membrane. Generally saved for the highest quality audio devices, this material allows YNOIR to deliver top level performance.

Make a statement by mixing style and utility with your favorite set of Swedish headphones. Show us which pair matches your own unique style by tagging us on instagram @fashoom.

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