Grand Frank X Haymarket


Grand Frank was launched in Sweden in 2014 by Erik Bergström, designed to be an alternative for the corporate man, with a desire for fun garments and accessories. When Fashoom paired up with Grand Frank in February 2017, focusing on their watches, the main challenge for the brand was a need for physical presence in a dynamic environment. Grand Frank needed a space where they could meet their ideal customers and establish brand awareness through brand ambassadors and influencers.


  • Introduce Grand Frank to their target customers through dynamic physical presence
  • Organize Events and facilitate pop-up shops
  • Create brand awareness targeting ideal customers through brand ambassadors and hotels as marketing influencers.

Strategy 1. Hotels as marketing influencers

Fashoom thinks of Hotels as marketing influencers.

The hotels we work with have not only an amazing atmosphere and very high standards but are also and have a high social media following. They represent the new ‘it’ spots and have become the new marketing influencers and trendsetters.
— Alexandra Grindean, Marketing Manager at Fashoom

The first step in our partnership with Grand Frank was to introduce their watches inside the Haymarket kiosk, offering them their first physical presence in Stockholm, a space where their ideal customers were.

Considering the social aspect of the Haymarket with the popular cocktail bar, restaurant and cafe, Grand Frank had the opportunity to be seen by hotel guests, celebrities and and daily visitors who came for business meetings or after work drinks.

Strategy 2: Events and Pop-Up Shops

In order for Grand Frank to reach their target audience, Fashoom negotiated with the hotel to host Events and Pop-Up shops inside rooms and the hotel lobby.

Working with Fashoom in organizing these pop-up shops inside Haymarket gave us the chance to get to know the Grand Frank fans and, even better, introduce our brand to new customers. Having a space like this to display our products and tell our story is exactly what we need to grow our brand and our customer base.
— Olof Engh, Marketing Manager at Grand Frank

Fashoom is currently working on organizing an event where Grand Frank will be launching their new watch collection in the Fall of 2017.

Strategy 3: Brand ambassadors

Fashoom marketing team worked on promoting Grand Frank on social media through ads and sponsored posts and events as well as through the hotel platforms by facilitating Instagram posts and user engagement.

Fashoom arranged for a pairing between Grand Frank and Haymarket's lifestyle concierge Patrick Silvermark to become a brand ambassador. He now actively promotes the brand together with Fashoom and Haymarket through their social media channels. 

Strategy 4: Brand growth and new hotels

After Grand Frank’s success at Haymarket, Fashoom introduced the brand to the Grand Central Hotel, giving Grand Frank the opportunity to be visible in a business friendly atmosphere, which Grand Central is known for.

Brand extension will continue, not only inside more hotels in Sweden, but also abroad.


Star of Sweden

Stockholm based jewellery brand, Star of Sweden, was founded in 2016 by Malin Andren. The idea for her concept jewellery came to life as a means for women to express themselves in a simple yet forward manner, through jewellery that reflected their personalities. 


star of sweden.jpg

Star of Sweden paired up with Fashoom in the beginning of 2017. The main challenge for Star of Sweden was to extend their physical presence, create brand awareness and find their target audience. Fashoom came up with strategies that proved very successful in building the brand and increasing sales, helping Star of Sweden to grow in a more rapid pace.


  • Introduce Star of Sweden to thousands of hotel customers by giving the jewellery brand a physical space inside exciting hotels in Stockholm
  • Organising Events and Pop-Up Shops
  •  Transforming exciting hotels into bland ambassadors and influencers for Star of Sweden
  • Creating promotional material and campaigns in order to increase sales
  • Help brand expansion
Fashoom gave us so many fantastic opportunities to build our jewellery brand and find our target audience. We are very excited to have become the best selling jewellery brand inside their fantastic hotels and we are very excited for our future projects.
— Malin Andren, owner and founder Star of Sweden

strategy 1: Hotel specific-personal touch

We work with hotels that have strong yet very different personalities and vibes. Star of Sweden wanted to be present in as many as our hotels as possible but as we didn't want them competing with each other we decided to spit the "Carry Yourself" collection to fit the vibe of each hotel. 

Pink for Haymarket - In order to match the elegance and vintage style of the hotel, we chose Pink to represent Star of Sweden. The elegance of gold end pink mach perfectly with the decor and style of the Haymarket. The collection was introduced to Haymarket in Spring 2017 and has since become the most successful jewellery collection in the shop.

Blue for Grand Central - The hotel has a vibrant yet relaxed vibe to it. Another key feature of Grand Central is that it's a modern hotel, representing the fast pace of Stockholm focused on music and art. We chose the Blue collection for Grand Central because it had a cool tone to it and fit the environment.


Green for Downtown Camper - A vibrant new hotel in the heart of Stockholm that accentuates nature, mindfulness and sustainability. We introduced Star of Sweden to Downtown Camper as soon at it opened and we chose the Green collection to match the vide of the hotel and give it a hint of luxury mixed with nature. 


Strategy 2: Content Creation

Together with our creative department, we filmed a promotional video for Star of Sweden inside the luxurious Haymarket. The video was later distributed on social media channels by the brand, Fashoom and the hotel. The video material was also used in the online advertising of Star of Sweden for Haymarket and Grand Central.

strategy 3: Brand expansion

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 13.47.47.png

Introducing Star of Sweden into our hotels was such a successful venture for the brand that together we decided to expand the brand representation and supplement the current jewellery display by introducing a men's collection. The new collection, consisting of smart casual bracelets was called "So Sweden" and expanded the distribution through Haymarket and Grand Central. The collection proved to be very successful with hotel customers and increased sales for the brand. 

We believe in Star of Sweden and the future of this jewellery brand looks very promising. This is the perfect example of design, quality and price point perfectly combined to attract hotel guests. We are looking forward to more exciting projects together.
— Alexandra Grindean Palmen, Marketing Manager at Fashoom

Strategy 4: Plans for the future

The collaboration between Fashoom and Star of Sweden, is moving at a rapid pace. Fashoom is currently making short term and long term plans for the brand inside our exciting hotels. One of our most exciting future projects is working with Malin Andren, the owner of Star of Sweden, in creating some custom jewellery specifically for one of our hotels that would be sold exclusively through the hotel's boutique and web shop and will represent a symbol for it's emblematic image.