Marketing | Hotel Influencer Campaign

Put your products directly into the hands of affluent and connected hotel guests and feed their desire for discovery. Inside hotels are thousands of new customers relaxing, socialising and sharing special times together. They are ready to be inspired by your brand and products. 


We will connect and manage your campaign with the digital and social marketing activities at each hotel. 

We have been doing this with hotels for many years, so we know how to get results. Here is a summary of activities: 

  1. Assist in setting up regular hotel social media promotions, including hotel guest targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram.

  2. Produce photo & video content as required to support these social promotions.

  3. Co-ordinate monthly email marketing activities with the hotels large database*.

  4. Feature your brand profile in the hotels online shop, with links to your web store.

  5. Manage and set up unique and tailored hotel campaigns such as hotel room and lobby pop-ups*.

* Email marketing & Pop up events are subject to availability.

Hotel Spaces (offline)

We can assist in the set up of your products to be Showcased inside inspiring hotel spaces, communicating the most intimate qualities of your product and brand. 

We can spread the word with carefully selected hotel staff ambassadors. Use the hotel spaces for pop up events and parties that will truly embed your story into the guest’s most memorable travel experiences.


We do not charge commission on sales as we are not a retailer.

There are three type of sales we can bring to your business. 

A)Direct SALES

We will provide the hotel guests with a unique offer code to be used in the check out of your web store. This codes will reward the guests with a pre agreed discount (10-20%). Guests will order products to their desired location via your regular fulfilment operations. We do not charge commission on these sales. 


In certain hotels, guests may purchase a curated range of your products in the hotels own online shop and lobby kiosks. The same offer code in A) can be redeemed in this web shop. These sales will come to our live shop concierge service for order processing. You will provide us with a limited quantity of products so we can fulfil such orders. Many of which will be express shipped to the guests hotel room. We will provide you with a monthly statement of sales and you can invoice us the full retail price, less the offer discount. 


From time to time hotels may wish to invest in custom retail products. We will encourage hotels to place orders for your products in volume. Our special retail partnerships with hotels will significantly improve your chances of success. 

Customised Hotel Campaign

If you have a bespoke hotel campaign in mind or marketing/sales work you want to outsource to a hotel specialist, then please send us your ideas.